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Map of Virginia with spikes representing the active metric for each facility.




Spikes represent the cumulative cases in a facility for incarcerated people

Statewide among incarcerated people


Cumulative Case Rate

Data Grade

State Facilities



Federal Facilities



ICE Detention Centers



Statewide among staff


Data Grade

State Facilities


Federal Facilities


ICE Detention Centers


Facilities by

FacilityIncarcerated PeopleStaff

Deerfield Correctional Center Includes Deerfield Work Centers

State Facilities


Greensville Correctional Center Includes Greensville Work Center

State Facilities


Coffeewood Correctional Center

State Facilities


Fluvanna Correctional Center For Women

State Facilities


Buckingham Correctional Center

State Facilities


Legal Filings and Court Orders Related to COVID


number of courts


number of facilities


compassionate releases granted


filings coded by our team

Our project collaborates with Bronx Defenders, Columbia Law School’s Center for Institutional and Social Change, and Zealous to collect legal documents from around the country related to COVID-19 and incarceration. Together, we then organize and code them into the jointly managed Health is Justice litigation hub for public defenders, litigators, and other advocates. The majority of the legal documents in the Health is Justice litigation hub are federal court opinions, but we are expanding to state legal filings, declarations, and exhibits.

In addition to the Health is Justice litigation hub, our project also manages additional data self-reported by advocates regarding COVID-19-related legal filings involving incarcerated youth and individuals in immigration detention.

For more COVID-19-related legal filings, please visit the University of Michigan Law School’s Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse, COVID-19 Special Collection.

Prison and Jail Releases Related to COVID

We collect data on jurisdictions across the U.S. that have released people from adult prison and jail custody in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

JurisdictionFacility/facilitiesAuthorizing agent(s)Date*Overall population reduction/ total # of releases**Population prior to releases***Known facility capacity****Release detailsSource
AlbemarleAlbemarle-Charlottesvile Regional JailCommonwealth Attorney4/7/2020122430Short remaining sentence, Other
Amelia, Buckingham, Cumberland, Lunenburg, Nottoway, Prince EdwardPiedmont Regional Jail5/1/202027245Other
ArlingtonArlington County Detention Facilitycourt5/7/20206
ArlingtonCounty-wide jails5/7/202081307
AugustaMiddle River Regional3/26/2020100900Vulnerable populations
  1. For the most part, we only include release efforts where the data source includes some sort of programmatic description of who is being released (e.g., people with technical violations of parole, people charged with non-violent crimes, etc.). You can find our full prison releases dataset here and jail releases dataset here.

  2. *date of releases, if available. Otherwise, date on which releases first were reported.

  3. **total number of releases reported when available. Otherwise, the change in population to which the releases contributed is reported.

  4. ***last reported inmate population before releases were realized

  5. ****capacity is often determined differently across jurisdictions and some facilities often report more than one capacity number. In these cases, we report the higher of the figures available.

Grassroots and Community Organizing Efforts Related to COVID

Our team collects data on grassroots and community organizing efforts by incarcerated people, their families, community-based organizations, nonprofits, and advocates aimed at influencing government agencies to protect the lives of people incarcerated in prisons, jails, and detention centers against the threats posed by COVID-19.

Target facilityCountyDate of actionOrganizationType of effortInternal/ externalEffort concernsSource
Bon Aire Juvenile Correctional CenterChesterfield7/13/2020People incarcerated at Bon Aire Juvenile Correctional CenterPrison BreakExternalAccelerated releases
Dillwyn Correctional CenterDillwyn5/4/2020People incarcerated at Dillwyn Correctional Facility, ACLU of VirginiaUprising/Protest–Internal, Hunger StrikeCoordinatedSanitation improvements
ICE IMMIGRATION CENTERS OF AMERICA FARMVILLEFarmville4/2/2020ICE Detainees, with support from Sanctuary DMVHunger StrikeExternalAccelerated releases
  1. You can find our full dataset here.