Policy Project Index

The UCLA Law COVID Behind Bars Prison Policy Index is a collection of captured web pages, originally posted by prison agency websites, that display information about those agencies’ policy responses to COVID-19.

Suggested Citation:

Grace DiLaura, Cecilia Bobbitt, Danielle Flores, and Sharon Dolovich. COVID Prison Policy Index: Version 1.0 [dataset]. Los Angeles, CA: CPPI, 2022. https://doi.org/10.25346/S6/B5GOLX.


The COVID Prison Policy Index was made possible by the volunteer work of Ilina Bhor, Claire Bridgen, Kim De Law Cruz, D. Korbin Felder, Arash Fotoohi, Cynthia Anne Golembeski, Alison Gordon, Alison Herbst, Jason Ho, Alison Jenson, Nicholas Keller, Charlie Kelsey, Angel Lee, Gabrielle Mazero, Anna Meyer, Samantha Noor, Anna Norkett, Eireann O’Grady, Kalind Parish, Ellie Pearce, Harshini Pyata, Katy Ramos, Rebecca Rifkind-Brown, Abraham Rinck, Dawy Rkasnuam, Dorah Rosen, Kathryn Rosenfeld, Olivia Shields, Noah Simon, Chloe Smith, Jana Sun, Kayla Teng, Shelby Weaver, Kennedy Willis, and Richard Young.